The Trailer for the New Stephen King TV Series ‘The Mist’ Is Absolutely Terrifying


Anticipation for Stephen King’s IT reboot is so palpable, his other forthcoming projects may be flying under the radar.

But viewers of the SPIKE Network have been clued in on an upcoming series based on his classic horror novel, The Mist, which was made into a truly bleak movie back in 2007.

A grisly new trailer lays out the grim tale: a provincial town in Maine is one day ominously engulfed in a thick fog, which is filled with deadly creatures. 

Anyone who is lucky enough makes their way into the town supermarket, but luck runs dry when those hiding inside begin to turn on each other. As with most things from Stephen King, human nature turns out to be the real monster.

The trailer moves pretty quickly, but severed limbs and bloodletting are pretty much guaranteed. 

The Mist premiers on SPIKE on June 22nd.


Thomas Freeman