Stephen Merchant Took “Lip Sync Battle” to a Whole New Level

His competitor, Malin Akerman, did her part to get freaky, too.

Lip Sync Battle,” Spike’s improbable viral hit that involves celebrities pantomiming to music on camera, seemingly continues to grow bigger and bigger until it will become a behemoth that swallows all other entertainment options available. But I digress, this is no place to talk about my secret nightmare. And last night’s episode was pretty good.

Stephen Merchant and Malin Akerman went head-to-head in one of the most intense performances of the season. Akerman kicked off their final showdown with Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty,” in an outfit that led Chrissy Teigen to call her “the most adorable gangster I’ve ever seen.” But she was no match for Merchant’s no-holds-barred rendition of Christina Aguilera’s assless chaps anthem, “Dirrty.” I don’t know whether to feel horny or horrified, which means he must be doing something right.