Watch Stevie Nicks Lead the Foo Fighters and Haim in a Supergroup Version of “Gold Dust Woman”

There were scarves and tambourines as far as the eye could see.

The stars and planets must have aligned just right during Monday night’s Foo Fighters show in Los Angeles because something truly otherworldly went down. Stevie Nicks surprised the audience by coming on stage and leading the band, along with surprise guests Haim, in renditions of Fleetwood Mac classics. The impromptu supergroup played “Gold Dust Woman,” and “Stop Draggin My Heart Around.”  Thankfully someone was smart enough to tape this, otherwise we wouldn’t believe it.

Stevie Nicks and Dave Grohl have been friends for awhile, which is amazing to think about.  During a concert in June she dedicated “Landslide” to Grohl, commending him on continuing with the Foo Fighters tour even after suffering a leg injury during a June 12 performance in Sweden. The injury resulted in a nasty fracture, but Grohl pressed on with shows, performing from a custom-made throne so he can prop his healing leg up.

Watch the performances, below:

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