Stoli Hot Jalapeño Vodka

Your Tuesday just got a lot spicier.

Your Tuesday just got a lot spicier.

Brand: Stoli Hot Jalapeño Flavored Premium Vodka

Bet you thought we’d only be posting tequila and beer this week for Cinco de Mayo, didn’t you?

Well, you were WRONG. Because we discovered Stoli Jalapeño Vodka, the quickest and most delicious way to spice up your week, with or without some tequila. This stuff really tastes like a jalapeño. It’s not some weakass excuse for hot sauce with a little booze. Oh, no no no. This vodka tastes like fresh, peppery goodness. And it will knock you off your behind, so be careful with it. Don’t be stupid and drink this straight. We repeat: DO NOT DRINK THIS STRAIGHT.

Add it to lime juice, add it to a Michelada, add it to an already awesome margarita.

The realness of the jalapeño flavor is nothing to mess with and you will not like it or be able to look at another one for at least a month.

This stuff is best in a pair. We promise.

Once you find the perfect match for Stoli Hot, though, you’ll be in Heaven. Cinco de Mayo Heaven. Eat some chips, put on a sombrero, and treat yo self. Cheers!

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