‘Stranger Things’ Has Been Recreated as a Throwback Video Game

Now you can click-and-point your way through The Upside Down.

Netflix’s retro-charged new series, Stranger Things, is already one of its most buzzed-about releases of 2016. Overloaded with nostalgia and throwbacks to the great sci-fi/horror classics from the 1980s, each of the eight thrilling episodes only increases our love for the genre and those decades-old movies.

Game developer Jacob Janerka was so inspired by the show’s throwback style that he began developing the world of Stranger Things into an adventure game of the ’80s. While the footage may only portray a mock-up, the accuracy of the click-and-point depiction of Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder), Sheriff Hopper (David Harbour), and the elusive “Demogorgon” monster is impressive.

It may be about time for Jankera to put a halt on his Paradigm game development and spit out a Stranger Things video game adventure first. We’d buy it.

h/t CNet