You Can Now Stream The Creepy ‘Stranger Things’ Soundtrack

Music was an essential part of the show’s brilliant throwback vibe.


For anyone going through Stranger Things withdrawal, here’s your next fix. In partnership with Apple Music, Austin-based synth band Survive has blessed us with volume one of the series’ deliciously eerie soundtrack for our listening pleasure. 

“We discussed having a classic tone and feel to the music for the show but being reserved enough that it wasn’t ’80s cheese, while offering a refreshing quality so that felt modern,” band member Michael Stein said in a press release. “This was one of the qualities that drew them to our music in the first place. Having a familiarity with classic synths worked, but with an overall forward thinking approach.”

The second volume hits on August 19th—even better, Stranger Things fans get a full-fledged CD available on September 16th. 

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