These Groovy Glass Sculptures May or May Not Be Bongs

We report, you decide.
(Photo: @kivafordglass on Instagram) 

(Photo: @kivafordglass on Instagram) 

One of our favorite recent Instagram finds is Kiva Ford. The professional glassblower regularly posts pictures to his Instagram of his beautifully eccentric, and sometimes downright batty designs.

Ford's bespoke glass creations, which typically feature quirky details and Oriental patterns, would look great sitting on your mantlepiece. At least, when you’re not taking hits from them…

Okay, so Kiva has never outright said these are really just ultra-stylized luxury bongs, but we’re getting some ideas while thumbing through his Instagram. See for yourself below:

Pot-smoking potential aside, these are some really beautifully detailed glass pieces. According to his website, Kiva has been blowing glass from a young age and even studied Scientific Glassblowing at college. For his day job, he creates the sort of ultra-precise glassware you see in science labs, which takes a hell of a lot of skill and patience.

Somewhere along the way, however, he may have discovered a different hobby.

Check out Kiva's website for more of his... uhh... art.