Sunday NFL Taste Test: Potato Chips

We pitted three top brands against each other to see which chip didn’t crack!

Sure, you’ve got the 116″ flat screen that hasn’t even been released yet, the speakers that have already caused your elderly neighbors to call the police, and the oversized couch made from the skin of only the cutest of baby seals, but have you thought about what’s really important: What snacks are you going to put on the table? We hit the supermarket and put our editors through a rigorous blind taste test of snack foods to help you decide what to bring home for the big game on Sunday. Check back every Friday throughout football season for a new snack-food face-off.

Brand: UTZ

Price: $1.59

Score: 5.87

Verdict: This choice is good if you’re looking for a healthy taste. But who the hell is being healthy on NFL Sunday?


“Least tasteful of the bunch.”

“Very potato-y.”

“Healthier tasting.”

Brand: Lays

Price: $4.99

Score: 6.33

Verdict: As the go-to potato chip, expectations were very high, but fell slightly short. We still ate wayyy more than one. 


“Delicious, light, crisp, greasy…yum.”

“I want to eat all of these.”

“Old-school! Too salty!”

And the winner is…

Brand: Ruffles

Price: $4.29

Score: 7.13

Verdict: Coming in as the top chip, Ruffles passed the test with the right amount of salt, perfect smattering of grease, and its ability to hold up to the more brutal dips. 


“Fave, perfect for dipping.”


“These are thicker than the others – I appreciate that.”

But the best comment was undoubtedly: “Lets face it, I would inadvertently eat an entire bag of any of these during a Jets game.” We couldn’t agree more, anonymous taste-tester.

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