Sunday NFL Taste Test: Salsa Face-Off

We’re pitting three major salsa brands against each other to see which one has that “just right” kick!

Sure, you’ve got the 116″ flat screen that hasn’t even been released yet, the speakers that have already caused your elderly neighbors to call the police, and the oversized couch made from the skin of only the cutest of baby seals, but have you thought about what’s really important: What snacks are you going to put on the table? We hit the supermarket and put our editors through a rigorous blind taste test of snack foods to help you decide what to bring home for the big game on Sunday. Check back every Friday throughout football season for a new snack-food face-off.

Brand: Ortega

Price: $4.31

Score: 5.16

Verdict: Look outside the taco kit for your salsa next time; this salsa was almost universally panned. 

Comments: “Ketchup with veggies.”

“Most chunky, needs more spice.”

“Disgusting! Too onion-y.”

And the winner is…A TIE!

Brand: Green Mountain Gringo

Price: $5.63

Score: 5.86

Verdict: The most readily available “fancy-pants” brand received the same score as a non-fancy one. Take that, freshness!

Comments: “Great! Smoky and fresher than the others!”

“YES! Tasty and flavorful!”

“Reminds me of college.”

Brand: Tostitos

Price: $4.00

Score: 5.86

Verdict: The classic matches up with the nice stuff, so on price point alone, this will probably be your go-to. 

“Generic tasting.”

“Fresh tasting!”

“If this isn’t Tostitos I’ll feel like an asshole. Because it is.”