Super Bowl Eats

Check out FOX NFL analyst Tony Siragusa’s five greatest Super Bowl meals.

FOX NFL analyst Tony Siragusa has been to 27 Super Bowls, so he knows where to eat on game day. Here, his five greatest Super Bowl meals.


(Super Bowl XLV)

One of the best steaks I ever had was at Cattlemen’s Steak House—it melted in your mouth. I had the Cattlemen’s steak, a grilled two-pound porterhouse. They cook it in, like, an incinerator for a couple of minutes, and it comes out nice and medium-well.


(3X Host)

Believe it or not, there’s great sushi in Arizona. I don’t know how it’s possible, but they have some fresh sushi out there. The place I go to is Sushi Roku at the W Hotel.


(10X Host)

I like the barbecued oysters at the Red Fish Grill. I like raw oysters, and they use fresh horseradish that burns your nose. You get your money’s worth: It burns the day you eat it, and then it burns the next morning

when you’re taking a shit.


(10X Host)

You’ve got to go to Joe’s Stone Crab. I’m a stone-crab man, and I do wear a bib sometimes. I bring my own hammer—everyone uses the wooden hammers, but I bring my own. I got it from Home Depot!


(Super Bowl XLVI, 2012)

Hit Broad Ripple Village during this year’s Super Bowl. There’s a burrito stand, and they make, like, a four-pound burrito. At three o’clock in the morning, those look really good.