‘Super Troopers 2’ Has Finished Filming, So Broken Lizard Fans Should Start Lining Up Meow

Are you freakin’ out, man?

Super Troopers 2 cast pic
Broken Lizard


Pop some Viagra and get ready to buy your movie tickets with raging, mega-huge boners, because Super Troopers 2 has completed production and even been screened for an audience.

In a post on the Broken Lizard website, the filmmakers behind the cult hit—and now, of course, the sequel—wrote that they had “completed the Sound Mix and Color Correction, the final steps in bringing this baby to life.”

They admitted that they’d screened the film prior to completing those last touches, and noted that the “reality is that those screenings are done with an unfinished product: temp sound & music stuffed in and a low res picture.”

So now that the flick is all tied up in a pretty color-corrected and sound-mixed bow, it’s ready to go, right? Meow… no. As Broken Lizard meows:

Next step: We await our release date. Fox Searchlight has reviewed the finished product and will soon inform us of the plan. When we have the release date you will be the first to know. That’s when trailers, posters and all the promo materials will launch. It’s painful to wait for this process because we’re dying to share this film with you, but each step takes us closer. Again, we could not have done this without you and we thank you for all of your help.    

That help referred to above came from fans of the first film, which became a sleeper hit after its 2001 release—they managed to contribute over $4.4 million toward making this movie in a massive Indiegogo campaign

So get ready for more evil shenanigans, as we’ll be returning to the backroads around Spurbury, Vermont, very soon.

h/t Uproxx