Seth Rogen Reveals Hilarious Facts About ‘Superbad’ to Mark 10th Anniversary of Comedy Classic

Find out what you never knew about the movie that gave us Jonah Hill, Emma Stone…and McLovin.

Can you believe it’s been a full decade since Superbad came out? A whole 10 years since we were all treated to some of history’s greatest dick drawing? An entire tenth of a century since Jonah Hill had his leg used as a Maxi Pad? 

It’s true. Superbad hit theaters 10 years ago this week, and screenwriter Seth Rogen, who also played a dumbass cop in the movie, hopped on Twitter Thursday to treat fans to some little-known facts about the movie. The only better way to celebrate this modern classic would be to get drunk on “Goldslick” and boop your buddies on the nose.

Look closely and you’ll see him wearing a blue shirt and pouring a drink. 

That’s Krumholtz, on the left.