Survival Tips From Alex Trebek

How would America’s smartest host deal with these dire situations? We asked.

How would America’s smartest host deal with these dire situations? We asked.

Bear Attack

“Even though bears are good climbers, I’d find a tree and climb up a branch that could barely hold me. Then I’d grab a branch above that one. This way, if the bear came after me, it would fall because its weight would break that branch. Notice how complicated life has become confronting one bear in the wild?”

Runaway Train

“First I’d have to be made aware that it’s a runaway train; otherwise I’d be sitting there saying, ‘Boy, we’re making good time!’ I think I would position myself against one of the walls, put my head between my knees, and hope that if we did finally crash, a sharp piece of steel wouldn’t take my head off.”

Sinking Ship

“One of my fears in life is drowning, and I’m not the strongest swimmer in the world, so whenever I travel on ships I try to get a room that’s fairly high up. If the ship started sinking, I would put on my life vest and head to the location they told me to go to during the safety drill on the first day.”

Eating Poisonous Sushi

“You mean fugu, or blowfish? I would get up calmly and say, ‘I’m going to go to a hospital now, and I’m not going to pay my bill. Arigato and sayonara.’ Oh, and I might add, ‘The miso soup was very good, though. Who would’ve thought?’ ”

Savings Lost in Ponzi Scheme

“I’d try to keep a positive attitude. I’d say, ‘I’m alive,’ and that’s a good place to start. Then I’d do what I could within the limits of the law to get back my belongings. You’re starting over in many ways, and in my case it wouldn’t be easy, because of my age. You take what life offers you and go forward. What else can you do?”

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