SVP Tears Apart the Media For Calling Lamar Odom a ‘Kardashian Reality Star’

Lamar Odom was lot more than a man who married a woman whose family is on TV.

There is a sad group of people — mainly, the entertainment press — who apparently only know Lamar Odom as a reality TV star. As a sports fan, that’s hard to imagine: Odom was an NBA mainstay for over a decade and a part of two championship teams. He once put Dwight Howard on a poster.

And yet, people who prefer E! to the NBA know him as just another member of the Kardashian clan. So when news broke of Odom’s sudden medical problems, there were insulting headlines like this one from desperate toad Nancy Grace :  “Kardashian Reality Star in a Coma.”

That’s terrible. And last night on Sportscenter, a furious Scott Van Pelt explained why.