Is Sylvain Chomet’s “Simpsons” Couch Gag The Weirdest Ever?

It’s definitely the Frenchiest.

The decline in quality of The Simpsons over the last 10 years has, sadly, been pretty consistent, to the point where the most notable parts of recent episodes have been the couch gags before the episode even starts. But man, when they do a great couch gag, they still really do a great couch gag. Possibly topping even Guillermo del Toro’s Treehouse Of Horror XXIV couch gag from last year, this sees Oscar-nominated French director Sylvain Chomet take a self-deprecating look at what the Simpson family would be like if they were – gasp! – French. It’s going to air on Sunday on Fox, but you can take an early look at it right here: