Sylvester Stallone Debuted His ‘Rambo 5’ Look, and He’s a Damn Cowboy


Rambo Promo
TriStar Pictures

John Rambo has ditched his his army green muscle shirt (or lack thereof), cargo pants and combat boots for leather chaps, shitkickers and a cowboy hat. Seriously. 

At least, it looks that way based on an Instagram photo Sylvester Stallone posted to celebrate the first day of filming Rambo 5.

The post quickly racked up 315,000-plus likes, so western Sly followed it up with a shot of himself on horseback. The caption reads, “Comes a Horseman Wild and Free,” which is a line from the song “Don Quixote” by folk music legend Gordon Lightfoot.

The 72-year-old action movie star has used Instagram to hype Rambo 5 multiple times over the last few months in between Creed 2 announcements.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Stallone confirmed that Rambo 5 is due out in fall of 2019. 

We can’t wait to see Sly draw fifth blood.