T-Pain Teaches Us How to “Make That Shit Work”

Everyone’s favorite auto-tuned artist premieres his new lyrically animated music video exclusively with Maxim.

The Tallahassee native and founder of Nappy Boy Entertainment has enlightened us on quite a few topics throughout his career. He’s taught us just how to properly purchase an alcohol beverage (or drank), wife up an exotic dancer, take off our clothes…you know, all the important things in life. Now, after a long four years of waiting for his next masterpiece, T-Pain has graced us with the lead single off his upcoming album, Stoicville: The Phoenix.

The fresh track, appropriately titled, “Make That Shit Work,” or #MTSW for all you millennials, is very reminiscent of some of Pain’s older tracks; it references throwing hundreds, popping bottles, and a lot of ass clapping. While he’s been quoted saying that the album “represents new beginnings and a new era,” we’re pretty pleased this song brings us back to the original days of T-Pain when all you wanted to do was have your voice permanently set to auto-tune.

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T-Pain has provided Maxim with the exclusive new lyrical video for “Make That Shit Work,” which is just as literal as you can get. “Laying the hammer down?” It’s only makes sense to have the heavy tools rain from the sky. Trying to “build a house on that ass?” Have a family’s home (that oddly looks like it belongs in The Simpsons) bouncing nicely on a woman’s large, large backside.  This goes on throughout all 3:21 of the video, and it’s sure to get your leg twitching uncontrollably thanks to the extremely catchy background beats. The video might be a little NSFW, but who cares. After all, it’s Hump Day, y’all.


Photos by Roger Kisby/Getty Images​