Table of Contents: January 2008

=”” height=”300″ width=”400″>January 2008 (#121)The O.C.’s sexiest star, Mischa Barton, takes on the big screen! Plus, Linda Cardellini gets your […]

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January 2008 (#121)
The O.C.’s sexiest star, Mischa Barton, takes on the big screen! Plus, Linda Cardellini gets your guns blazing, 2008’s hottest, youngest Hollywood talent, the drinking man’s guide to booze, the worst excuses of all time, and more!


Mischa Barton

Buffy’s back, and so blazingly hot that we gave her two covers! She’s primed to slay with three new flicks. Guess there is a Santa Claus after all.

Hot Hollywood 2008

Smokin’ shots of the biggest stars who will kick-start the new year. And just because we love you, none of them are guys!

Icon: Dave Grohl

The Foo Fighter extraordinaire on the joys of public nudity, shopping at Costco, and the magic of Jäger bombs.

The Drinking Man’s Guide to Booze

Become a walking encyclopedia of alcohol. Well, stumbling encyclopedia of alcohol, to be more precise.

Death in the French Quarter

An in-depth report on the most twisted murder in the history of New Orleans (and that’s saying a lot.)

The Worst Excuses of All Time

A salute to those who when confronted with damning evidence said the first

stupid lie that popped into their heads.  

Linda Cardellini

You worshiped her in

Freaks and Geeks



. Now Linda Cardellini gets your guns blazing in

Comanche Moon



If It’s Out There, It’s In Here

Sy Sperling rates presidential hairdos, and Alessandra Ambrosio brings sweet pain. Plus, more bacon porn!


Make Us Feel Loved—Or Hated

You sent us praise, you sent us some criticism, but not one of you bastards sent cookies. Thanks a lot.


Your Ultimate Entertainment Authority

Lil Wayne spits about his new offering,

David Fincher on


, and the inside dirt on the year’s best music releases.


Extraordinary Advice for Everyday Life

Slash explains how to celebrate New Year’s Eve in proper fashion (Step one: Buy a large hat).


Sharpen Your Edge

The men and woman of HBO’s hit series

The Wire

show you how to dress like a Baltimore badass.



Opinionated men and women sound off on sex, money, sports, and who makes the best Philly cheesesteak.