The Accused Kidnapper and Rapist From ‘Tabloid’ Is Taking Director Errol Morris to Court

She’s claiming Morris ‘made millions’ on her story.

Here’s a good excuse to watch one of the most insane documentaries ever to have existed: Joyce McKinney, the subject of Errol Morris’ 2011 documentary Tabloid, is taking the filmmaker to court – and she’s hoping to take him to the cleaners.

McKinney was a British tabloid sensation — hence the film’s title — in the 1970s when she traveled to the UK to meet her fiancé Kirk Anderson, who was working as a Mormon missionary at the time, and McKinney seemed to believe he was there against his will because his family wanted to separate the couple.

But it was McKinney who was accused of kidnapping and raping Anderson. She jumped bail and somehow avoided extradition, and never paid for the alleged crime — but spent the rest of her life being associated with it. McKinney claims that Morris tricked her into participating in the documentary by leading her to believe it would clear her name. McKinney is taking Morris to court after his camp offered her a settlement she felt was inadequate.

 “They offered me $75,000 to settle, and I told them they could kiss my butt,” McKinney told the Hollywood Reporter. “They made millions off of me…I’m going to take it all way to the end as I want my day in court.”

It’s unclear where McKinney is getting that figure: Tabloid reportedly only made $600,000 at the box office, which is kind of mind-boggling, considering the massive boner the American public has for true crime-based entertainment. And this one also has a DOG CLONING subplot. So, if you haven’t already watched Tabloid, please do yourself a favor.