Taco Bell Is Unleashing a $1 Cheetos Burrito Next Month

It just might be the ultimate late-night stoner food.

Everyone’s favorite late night munchies hub Taco Bell recently announced that it was working overtime to deliver a $1 Cheetos Burrito to the world in the coming months. And what might a “Cheetos Burrito” be, you ask? Well, this stoner-friendly treat is exactly how it sounds.

Stuffed with seasoned ground beef, buttery white rice, nuclear orange cheese sauce, and so, so many Cheetos, this marks the first time the fast food chain will employ the dusty snacks in its American menus (though Taco Bell previously sprinkled them into a Crunch Wrap in Canada.).


The Cheetos Burrito–not to be confused with Burger King’s Mac N’ Cheetos–will first debut in August in Cincinnati, before its impending success launches into stores all across the country.

Get those intestines ready.

h/t Foodbeast