Take a Virtual Trek Aboard the Enterprise

A dedicated Star Trek fan brings the Next Generation starship to life in 3-D.

With incredibly painstaking detail, a talented 3-D artist is using the Unreal 4 game engine to recreate the USS Enterprise-D (from the ’90s show, Star Trek: Next Generation). The Enterprise 3D Project strives to stay as true to the actual ship as possible—based on both what we saw in the show and unofficial blueprints—but when it comes to conflicts or missing info, he takes artistic license.

Speaking of which, this is a completely unlicensed, (for now) unfunded project taken on by a true fan in his spare time. Of which he probably has way, way too much. His goal is for fellow fans to be able to walk aboard a fully immersive and bustling Enterprise, complete with people, every room from the show and even stuff that wasn’t seen.

In the meantime, he’s uploaded a 12-minute video (see below) that demonstrates the look and feel of the ship so far. It begins outside the ship with an announcement over your intercom: “Shuttle craft Galileo, there really isn’t anything to see out there. Return to base.”

You approach the shuttle bay…

Once you’ve docked and secured the shuttle bay door, it’s time for a walk around the storage areas, through lounges and eventually (as is given away by the video’s start frame) up to the bridge. You won’t see any other people on the ship in this go-round. But it’s still cool nonetheless. 


By the way, if the fact that this is a mere virtual replica and not an actual flying starship has you hung up, perhaps you’d like to consider donating your hard earned dollars to fund building a real Enterprise?

Photos by Enterprise 3D Project via YouTube