Take Your First Look at Daredevil’s Suit and The Thing

It’s like comic book Fashion Week.

It’s a big day of sartorial reveals in the Marvel Universe.

First up, Netflix showed us the first full look at Daredevil’s red suit. If you haven’t taken yet taken look at what the rest of the series has in store, we’ve got the first trailer and other promotional images. Now there’s nothing left but to binge-watch it April 10th, where we’ll be seeing plenty more of him protecting Hell’s Kitchen while clad in that body suit.

In the Big & Tall category, we’ve got the first promotional photo of The Thing. That’s Jamie Bell under all that rock, who’ll be portraying the superhero in this summer’s “Fantastic Four.” (Earlier this week, the first international trailer introduced us to The Human Torch.)

If you’d prefer to gaze upon what the women of the Marvel Universe are wearing instead, you’re in luck: Here’s our gallery of our favorite female super heros and other actors.