Talisker Storm

It’s a tough job, but we’re happy to be Storm Troopers for this cause!

From the Isle of Skye off the West Coast of Scotland comes a whisky so intense, you may need a second glass to help you recover from the first.

Some very smart people consider the Isle of Skye among the most beautiful places on Earth: A rugged, enchanted landscape straight out of Game of Thrones. It just seems like the kind of place where whisky should come from, which is why it’s so odd that the island is home to but a single distillery. Luckily, that distillery is Talisker, one of the very best. If you were to accuse me of once having attended a wedding on Skye, where there was an embarrassing quantity of Talisker for the drinking, and further accused me of perhaps maybe possibly consuming an entire bottle on my own….well, your accusation would stand up in the court of law. No regrets. And this, Talisker Storm, is billed as an even more intense version of the award-winning original. It’s rich and warm, and tastes of smoke, the sea, the soil, and excuse me, I need to refill my glass. 

If you like your scotch to put hair on your chest, by all means, drink it neat. But if you want to add a couple drops of water, we won’t judge you. Not to your face, anyway. 

Talisker Storm has no age statement, but don’t let that scare you off. And at a suggested price of $66, it won’t break the bank.

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