Check Out This Sultry Sneak Peek At the Ultimate Erotic Photography Book

These NSFW pics will blow your mind.

(Photo: Aloisov)

Across cultures, from Spain to Japan, and mediums, from Polaroid to digital, legions of erotic photographers have long shared an appreciation for the female form.

(Photo: Taschen)

A new photo book from Taschen, The New Erotic Photography, compiles works from two previous books to amass the definitive, global exploration of contemporary erotic photography. And the result is pretty stunning stuff:

(Photo: Taschen)

In all, there are 62 photographers featured in the titillating tome, spanning 10 different countries. 

(Photo: Bob Carlos Clarke)

“We probably have more photographers from more different countries than any book that’s ever been published in this genre,” the book’s editor Dian Hanson says.

(Photo: Petter Hegre)

While the images are strikingly in their diversity, Hanson explained there was one key stipulation in the selection process.

“The one thing we tried not to do in this book is have the old-fashioned faceless nude that was the defining point of erotic photography in years past,” Hanson said.

(Photo: Perry Gallagher)

 “This truly is the new erotic photography.” 

“We try to represent all varieties of beauty, Hanson adds. “Maybe it’s not going to be beautiful to every viewer, but it is beautiful to the photographer.”

(Photo: Florian Lohmann)

The New Erotic Photography is available through Taschen for $19.99