Tasman Red

Come Mr. Tasman, Tally Me a Beer-ah!

Come Mr. Tasman, Tally Me a Beer-ah! 

Brand: Samuel Adams Tasman Red

If you’re into hops and feeling manly when you drink, then this is the brewskie for youskie. If not, then you’ve been warned. 

The folks at Samuel Adams describe it as “Bold, Lively, and a Bit Rugged,” which is pretty spot on.

With an ABV of 6.5% and a label that looks like Hobo Santa, it’s definitely the polar opposite of the wine coolers you drank at dorm room parties in college.

This beer is super yeasty and maybe not our go-to necessarily, but we’re confident that all you adventurous hop-chasers are gonna love it. Cheers!

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