The TaTa Top Is the Most Brilliant Bikini Top of All Time

Here’s a clever way to #FreeTheNipple.

Toplessness advocacy has reached a fever pitch in the past few months. Between the Chrissy Teigen vs. Instagram feud, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s war on the “painted ladies” of Times Square, and Miley Cyrus’s, well, entire aura, we’ve been collectively inspired to free the nipple.

And now, fashion is getting in on the action. Meet the TaTa Top, a cheeky bikini top that comes in three skin tones and features a nipple print. It’s still illegal for women to go topless in public in many states (and even in the states where it’s legal, it’s extremely frowned upon), so this bikini top provides the perfect way to expose the hypocrisy of that attitude.

The TaTa Top was created by Robyn and Michelle Lytle, a married couple in Chicago. Mic reports that the Lytles hosted a group of exchange students from the Netherlands in 2012, and when some of the female students attempted to go topless at the beach, they were stopped due to the illegality of it. By 2014, the TaTa top was born. 

If the TaTa top’s Instagram is any indication, it’s been a huge hit this summer. Of course, if it accomplishes its goals, it’ll eventually become totally obsolete. 

Photos by Michelle Lytle