Someone Made a Giant Corn Replica of Taylor Swift's Face Because Why Not

This Maryland corn maze gives you the opportunity to run through the singer's face.
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When you think about it, there's really no better way to spend a crisp Fall day than to spend it inside of Taylor Swift's face. Summers Farm in Frederick, Maryland has gone to painstaking lengths to craft a huge corn maze in the shape of the singer's upper body region, so you can do just that. 

This video shows the full scope of the 12-acre maze, and includes a few inspirational audio clips from Taylor herself, because why not?

“Taylor Swift emanates a fun and positive image for today’s young people,” said the farm’s co-owner Teresa Greenwood. “Our farm’s successes have proven that being different, being bold, being impassioned is what brings people back year after year.” 

Maybe Taylor will take a trip to Maryland to run through her own face. How often does that opportunity come up, really?