Taylor Swift Makes One Million Dollars a Day

If she stays on pace through the rest of the year, she’ll make more than Jay Z, Diddy, and Drake — combined. 

There’s no better feeling than getting paid, and seeing life through temporary “money to burn” tinted glasses. We’ve all been there: You get your check, throw it into your account with a quickness, and then start living your true life’s potential for one beautiful day. Cocktail at the bar instead of beer? Why not? You just got paid. Can’t choose between popcorn or shitty nachos at the movie theater? Get both! You just got paid. On pay day, anything is possible, right up until that point where you wake up the next morning, check your balance, and realize that it’s a bumpy bus ride back to broke town for you. That’s normal life, but it is 100% not the life of Taylor Swift, who, thanks to recent news, we now know has made ONE MILLION DOLLARS A DAY for all of 2015, making her the highest earning musician in the world.

You wouldn’t naturally assume this to be the case, until you stop to tally up everything that’s gone down in Taylor’s world over the past year or so. Her highly praised album 1989 crushed over five million in sales this summer, she’s performed 85 live shows so far this year, has endorsement deals up the wazoo, and just generally knows how to turn money into even more money. At 25 years old, she makes more than just about any celebrity you can think of, including Diddy, Jay-Z, and Drake (they make about half of what she makes between the three of them, combined). 

If she keeps things at this pace, which seems likely, with the possibility of there being even more, Taylor’s set to end the year with $365 million in the bank. Good grief. You have to wonder what holy hell tax season is for her. It’s not like “massive music mogul” comes with a W-2.

Photos by Bob Levey / Getty Images