The Taylor Swift vs. Nicki Minaj Twitter Feud May Finally Be Over

And hopefully there’s no bad blood. 

The Video Music Awards nominee announcements are normally not a big deal: MTV releases a list of music videos we’ve all watched in the past year, we (maybe) read the list, and then we move on to other things. But this year, Nicki Minaj tweeted about it.

When the  rapper saw the list of nominations she took to Twitter (and ) to express her surprise that her “Feeling Myself” video with Beyoncé wasn’t nominated for anything. More pointedly, the “Anaconda” video didn’t appear in the Video of The Year listing even though it broke a VEVO viewing record and caused a wave of video re-enactments and memes. That surprise gave way to a eloquent commentary on the plight of women of color and their work in the music business.

It was an apt statement, considering the pervasiveness of both of Minaj’s videos. Taylor Swift waded in, responding to Minaj.

And that was the tweet that launched a thousand articles. Media weighed in saying that the rapper took “jabs” at her fellow female artist, ignoring what Minaj was actually actually doing: commenting on how she thought the industry worked.  The resulting fray caused a tangential, one-sided Twitter beef between Meek Mill (Minaj’s boyfriend) and Drake. Katy Perry also weighed in, with a thinly veiled shot (which many believe was directed towards Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ video) and wondering why Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” wasn’t up for a nomination either. Honestly, we’re with her on the latter. 

Finally, today, Maxim Hot 100 cover star Taylor Swift put it all to bed, acknowledging that it was all a misunderstanding and extending a genuine apology to Minaj who in turn accepted—meaning that this Twitter kerfuffle is over.

Or is it?

Photos by Lester Cohen / WireImage