A Tebow Too Far

There’s a time and a place for Tebowing. Someone ought to tell this asshole.

Now that he’s relegated to backup status on the Jets, the “Tebowing” phenomenon may have finally run its course. But that wasn’t soon enough for one Pennsylvania teenager: Two weeks ago, Josh Ehrenberg, while mowing his lawn, was assaulted by a mysterious bespectacled, mustachiod bald man, who then dropped to his knees, Tebowed and sped off in his Chrysler. Thankfully , our long national nightmare is over, as just yesterday the perpetrator, 53-year-old David McCosby was collared by authorities. But….is it just us, or is assaulting a minor a really shitty excuse for Tebowing? Here are five more inappropriate occasions to invoke the second coming of a second string QB:

1. In Church

It’s just too obvious, and kind of insulting to everyone else there. Talk about holier than thou.

2. After Sex

Just because big Timmy is avowedly celibate doesn’t make this clever.

3. Immediately before performing open heart surgery

You should really be paying attention to your patient, numbnuts, not trying to impress the cute internist.

4. Upon meeting Mark Sanchez

The guy just threw for three TDs and led his team to 48 points. Don’t be a dick.

5. Actually…Always

People, get over it. Tebowing’s done. Find a new meme.

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