Ted 2 Has a Fuzzy Grasp on the Law

The sequel to that movie your buddy from Dorchester wouldn’t stop talking about doubles down on an insane premise.

When a plush toy sells, toymakers sell more plush toys. When a plush toy sells a movie, moviemakers give that fuzzy little bastard a franchise. The trailer for Ted 2, the inevitable sequel to 2012’s Ted, a movie about a man and his Steiff-styled best friend, hit the internet today, presumably setting off Google Alerts up and down the Mass Pike. In Ted 2, our protagonists will be fighting for Ted’s personhood, which means that the film will be a parable about the march toward equality and civil rights for all. Also, there will be a lot of fart jokes. And Amanda Seyfried, playing a woman named Samantha L. Jackson, which is what it is. 

The great thing about this movie? You know that you’re going to see it whether you want to or not. Might as well get into it. Hell, the banter is still pretty great.