Tenacious D’s Rock Out Tips

Jack Black and Kyle Grass present their School of Rock.

With their teeth-rattling new album, Rize of the Fenix, out now, Jack Black and Kyle Gass share three tips on how to rock the fuck out.

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Pick the right preshow pump-up music.

JB: If you’re about to play really hard rock, you want to listen to anything but rock. The last thing you need before going onstage is to listen to Led Zeppelin and get depressed because you’re never gonna be as good as them.

KG: Good point. We go with James Taylor, Kenny Loggins, and Steely Dan.

Make sure you have the right stuff on your tour rider

As Sean Penn once said, two hookers and an eight ball is always good. And beer, as long as it’s light. You gotta be rockin’ the skinny jeans.

JB: Yeah, you’ve got to watch the calories if you want to fit into those sexy leathers. We also have Jack Daniel’s bottles filled with Diet Coke. That’s how we roll.

Don’t be afraid to mix It up

Work on your jams, and don’t worry about the fame and money.

JB: My advice for would-be rock stars is to check out what Skrillex is doing. Scoop up some turntables. You think we don’t have our fingers on the pulse? Our next album is going to be all beats. Now you’ll have to excuse me, I’ve got to return a call to Pitbull about collaborating on a remix.

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