The Tennessee Titans Totally Hosed Their Loyal Fans This Weekend


When you’re a kid and you love football, there are few things cooler than getting to walk on the hallowed gridiron where your favorite NFL team plays—even if that team is the Tennessee Titans.

That’s why stadiums fill up for events like Saturday’s family movie night at Nissan Stadium in Nashville. And given the nearly $6 million-a-year taxpayers shell out for the stadium’s construction debt and upkeep, they’ve got a right to that Jumbotron.

They’ve also got a right to stay dry, something that didn’t happen Saturday when, Mid-Minions, a portion of the audience got drenched by sprinklers gone rogue. Here was the scene as family movie night turned into crying kid night.

The Titans issued a statement apologizing to those who got wet. To make it up to them, we suggest team allow those fans to make their picks in next week’s NFL draft. They can’t do any worse the front office that put together the worst team in the NFL last season.