Watch Everything Go To Hell In This Terrifying New Trailer For 'Alien: Covenant'

The xenomorphs are more vicious than ever.
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Fox just released a new trailer for Alien: Covenant and it's easily the most exciting and horrifying preview we've seen. In great part because we finally get a good look at the infamous xenomorphs. The monsters are back and as vicious as ever. 

Editing a trailer for a film is an art to itself. We need to get a sense of what we're in for when we reach the theater but the preview can't give the whole film away. This look at Covenant rides that line brilliantly. 

Alien: Covenant promo

Oh shit

We once again meet the couples aboard the Covenant spacecraft, meant to be the first true off-world colony on another planet, and get a renewed sense of the hopefulness behind their mission. Mystery quickly sets in as they arrive on an alien world and discover a wheat field where one shouldn't be. 

Then everything really goes off the rails and before you know it, Danny McBride is cowering inside a spaceship as a slobbering alien attempts to bash its way in.

Prometheus, though it was a great-looking movie with interesting performances, left a lot of fans of the Alien franchise kind of cold. It looks like Alien: Covenant could be nightmarishly good return to form.

We'll see when it crashes into theaters on May 19.