Thank You, Internet, for the Benedict Cumberbatch Name Generator

The handsome, talented actor has a super British-y name, so let’s all mock him.

Seemingly out of nowhere, British actor Benedict Cumberbatch has exploded onto the scene. Not only did he star as the notorious villain Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness, one of this summers few big hits, he’s also scored roles in the Hobbit movies, the indie flick Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and the upcoming WikiLeaks movie, The Fifth Estate. (Oh, and your girlfriend has a massive crush on him. Go on, ask her.)

Well, Benedict, you might think you’re sitting on top of the world, but did you know that your über-British name sounds comical to us Yanks? I mean, “Benedict Cumberbatch”? Come on! Never ones to miss a chance to mock, the Internet has produced the Benedict Cumberbatch Name Generator. How does it work? Just click here, you’ll understand…

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