Thanks To Matt Harvey, The Joke is on Mets Fans…Again

The Mets all-star seems to enjoy messing with his fans on Fallon.

Starting for the National League in tonight’s All Star Game is Mets phenom Matt Harvey. The 24-year-old, who is armed with a triple-digit fastball, has had an incredible season so far. (He’s also not afraid to show a little skin.) This is big news for Mets fans, who have had precious little to be happy about in, well, a very long time. That’s why it seems a little extra cruel that, for a segment on Jimmy Fallon last night, Matt Harvey roamed the streets of New York City asking unsuspecting (and unaware) Mets fans what they think of…Matt Harvey. The results, needless to say, are hilariously awkward. So check it out, then watch him take the mound on his home field in Queens this evening at 7:30. Batter up!

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