Ubisoft’s “The Division” Takes You to the Ruins of Manhattan

It’s cops and robbers, for real.

One of the biggest shared memories we have in the U.S. is 9/11. Ask anyone who was old enough to walk and they’ll more than likely be able to tell you where they were and how they felt that day. Well, imagine if it had been more permanent. That’s the premise of Ubisoft’s The Division.

Modern day terrorists have caused a smallpox epidemic which leads to the collapse of the U.S. Government due to mass panic. You’ll take the role of a member of the Strategic Homeland Division, the titular Division, a team that’s been trained to respond independently of any command. Not only will you have to help the emergency personnel of New York City restore the peace, but you’ll also have to be on guard against various factions trying to control Manhattan’s streets and investigate the origin of the virus.

The gameplay itself is a lot like Destiny. Each mission you complete or enemy you defeat will allow you to gain experience to level up. The more levels you gain, the more access you’ll have to weaponry and skills. The guns are modeled after real life weapons, so it’s cool to find an AR series rifle and upgrade it from civilian to mil spec using various accessories.

The Division has been a few years in the making, but for those who want to heed the call to save Manhattan, the wait is almost over. The Division comes to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on Tuesday March 8.