Astronauts Will Watch ‘The Hateful Eight’ in Space This Weekend

It won’t be the 70 mm version, sadly.

Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight may be bombing at the box office, but it’s still reaching for the stars: Astronauts aboard the International Space Station are expected to get a screener of Tarantino’s bloody western this weekend.

According to the New York Post, NASA contacted The Weinstein Co. to get the astronauts access to the movie. (There has already been a screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens aboard the ISS, which is absolutely the best place to see a Star Wars movie.)

Apparently there is a projector and screen onboard the International Space Station for occasional movie nights. 

“I don’t think they have a screen large enough for the 70mm roadshow version,” a Weinstein Co. rep said to the Post, “but we’re thrilled the astros will experience the film in space.”