The Last Blockbuster Video Store On Earth Has An Absolutely Hilarious Twitter Feed

“We’re watching Titanic and the boobs part starts in like 15 minutes if you guys wanna get down here.”

Credit: Wikipedia

The corporate giant that was Blockbuster Video went the way of the dodo years ago when delivery services and and streaming video took over the video rental market. That much we already know. 

But just because Blockbuster mismanaged itself out of existence on a corporate level, doesn’t mean that every Blockbuster Video store has been wiped off the face of the planet. 

In fact, we know that at least one Blockbuster store still exists and they have a funny-as-hell Twitter account that’s totally worth a follow.

Employees at the store all pitch in to manage and update the store’s twitter feed, posting random musings that are a mix of the 90s nostalgia of walking the aisles trying to pick that perfect weekend movie rental and a hilariously self-deprecating assessment of the current brick-and-mortar video rental market. 

After all, they are the lone Blockbuster. (FYI Dish, who bought Blockbuster in bankruptcy, lists 10 stores still in existence, but we haven’t confirmed if that’s still the case.)

While we’re unlikely to visit the Oak Lawn Shopping Center and drop in on the dark-humored staff there–we hear good things about Debra’s movie recommendations–we’ll gladly continue following them on twitter and wishing them well in a business that’s largely forgotten but not gone. 

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Who knows, they may even end up being single-handedly responsible for the revival of the rental industry. After all, if you really need that copy of Wild Things on VHS, Netflix is NOT the one to call. 

Check out their Twitter profile in all its glory above.