‘The Matrix 4’ Set Photos and Video Show Neo With a Totally Different Look


Warner Bros.

When we last saw Keanu Reeves as the protagonist of The Matrix movies, his in-Matrix Neo persona was still the well-groomed, stylish-looking superhuman we’d come to expect. And real-world Neo didn’t look much different, save rattier clothes.


For the upcoming Matrix 4, however, recent fan footage of film shoots taking place in San Francisco make it clear the actor whom we’ve come to know in recent years as the long-haired and grizzled assassin in John Wicks 1-3 is sticking with the Wick look. So far.

The fact is, no one outside the production has any idea what the fourth Matrix will be about. Lana Wachowski is involved, so it’s reasonable to assume the story may remain relatively consistent, and both Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss are returning in their respective roles.

Otherwise, these intriguing shots of Reeves looking—if anything—a bit like a homeless guy in a beanie and casual clothes can only bring questions. 


After all, in the “real” world of Zion, both Trinity (Moss) and Neo died at the end of The Matrix Revolutions

That said, it was certainly plausible within that fictional universe to expect that a persona could exist independent of a real-world host body—or at least a digital copy of a real human whose physical body was gone.   

So what could be up with bearded, disheveled Neo? True fans of the franchise could spend all day trying to puzzle that out.

Everyone else will just have to find out when the fourth Matrix movie downloads into theaters on Keanu Reeves day, a.k.a. May 21, 2021.