‘The MICK Show’ Episode 9: David Meltzer

More money, less problems.

The MICK Show/Fueled By Culture

David Meltzer has three very simple rules: “Make a lot money. Help a lot of people. Have a lot of fun.”

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CEO of Sports 1 Marketing, an award-winning humanitarian, and a two-time national best-selling author, David joined Mick for Episode 009 of The MICK Show to discuss how kindness and empathy can win in any situation.

David believes in a different type of “cancel culture.” That is: Cancel negative thoughts. Cancel negative emotions. Cancel drama. Watch how quickly your life changes.

Mick and David also discuss their shared Ohio roots, the power of manifestation, and his top-secret breakdance talents.

“I was given David’s first book as a gift, and it truly changed my life,” says Mick. “It’s an honor to have him on our show.”

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