Watch the Trailer for ‘The Ranch’ and Question Why This Show Exists

It’s ‘That 70s Show’ for farmers.

Netflix continues its foray into lowest-common-denominator TV (see: Fuller House), with The Ranch, a sitcom about a failed semi-professional football player who returns to his parent’s Colorado ranch to help run the family business. 

The Ranch reunites That 70s Show stars Danny Masterson and Ashton Kutcher — the aforementioned football player —as brothers; Sam Elliot (The Big Lebowski, August: Osage County) plays the dad, and mind-bogglingly, Debra Winger is the mom and the owner of a local watering hole. Complete with a laugh track, The Ranch seems intended to appeal to fans of the traditional network sitcom, which kind of feels like it defeats the very purpose of Netflix original programming.

Elisha Cuthbert (24, Happy Endings) also stars as a hometown girl and apparent love interest for Kutcher’s character, who seems like he’d be a candidate to be a contestant on The Bachelor, and if they wrote that into the show we’d almost definitely watch. The Ranch premieres on April 1, so maybe it’s an April Fool’s Joke? 

Watch the trailer here:

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