Here’s What Happens When You Cross ‘The Revenant’ with ‘Tony Hawk Pro Skater’

Glorious, wonderful things.

Have you ever wondered what a game about being a pioneer running from Native Americans who wanted to kill you and being scored on every move might be like? We never did, either. But One Perfect Shot, “a website that honors the art of filmmaking,” wants to make dreams come true for those who have with their mash-up of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and The Revenant.

Watch as Leonardo DiCaprio busts some sick horse-riding moves and really racks up the points. Unfortunately, he once again doesn’t manage to unlock any trophies in this run, but we just know he’ll keep trying. Leonardo DiCaprio’s Pro Revenant sounds like an indie dev’s wet dream, so hopefully this video will inspire someone to make something this ridiculous that’s a bit more interactive.

Leo DiCaprio's Pro Revenant from One Perfect Shot on Vimeo.

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Until then, stay warm out there, and try to avoid any bears.