Watch The Rock Do Ace Commentary On His First WWE Match 20 Years Later

He now admits there was a "f*cking Chia Pet on top of my head."
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Is there anything Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson can't do? Well, if you watch this video of the pro wrestler turned actor and action star reviewing his first huge match 20 years ago, you might conclude he can't age normally. 

The Rock debuted as "Rocky Maivia" with the WWE in a match at Madison Square Garden in November, 1996. Other than his "chia pet" hairdo it's hard to see much difference between the man at 24 and the man today—Johnson sees a difference, though, and as he discusses himself, the match, and his fellow wrestlers, it's clear he views the situation with humor and maybe a touch of nostalgia.

The video is also fun for the way The Rock lets us in on how the WWE's spandex-clad sausage gets made. He alludes to how matches are sketched out in advance, and also how crowd reaction factors heavily into the show in the ring. All in all, watching The Rock react to his younger self as an athlete and performer makes for a quick and entertaining look at not only the way pro wrestling truly works, but how much it's been a huge part of the man's life.

If The Rock ever decides to one day do a full-length show that's simply him telling stories about his early career, we'd be totally down with that.

h/t Rolling Stone