The Rock Just Dropped An Amazing Teaser For His New YouTube Channel

Do you smell what this YouTube Channel is cooking?

Affable slab of muscle and perfect dental health Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a ubiquitous presence in entertainment now. Ever the willing entertainer and inspiration, Johnson showed up at VidCon on Thursday to introduce an epic trailer for his own upcoming Youtube Channel. (Do yourself a favor and watch it above.)

The USA Today report on Johnson’s appearance indicates his Seven Bucks Digital Studios will be a “a platform which will showcase Johnson’s personal videos, creative enterprises from” The Rock’s own Seven Bucks Productions.

Johnson, who already has a massive social media following across several platforms, first teased the endeavor on his Instagram in early May.

USA Today also reported that fans will find personal videos of an inspirational nature, “digital content from other creators” and—inevitably—a scripted web show featuring the kind of action we already associate with the superstar. 

You can’t change the channel without seeing a promo for another movie or series featuring the guy, but it seems we still can’t get enough of The Rock.

h/t USA Today