The Terrifying New Trailer for ‘The Shining’ Will Give You Nightmares All Over Again

Just in time for Halloween.

the shining
Still from The Shining

Most modern trailers floating around YouTube are overstuffed with loud music and flashy editing. But in a masterful, and completely terrifying stab at the re-cut formula, a newfangled trailer for Stanley Kubrick‘s The Shining has been released to announce its return to theaters this Halloween.

Opening to the winding-road shots at the beginning of the film, which introduces the audience to the maddening isolation of the characters, that dreaded sound of Danny repeating “red rum” begins to play and continues throughout the remainder of the trailer.

As the intensity of the violin soundtrack reaches a crescendo, the visuals move from slow, eerie shots of the hotel to breakneck cuts of Jack going batshit insane. And yep, those freaky twins and the elevator overflowing with blood are thrown in to really push it over the edge.

Moviegoers in the U.K. can catch The Shining on Halloween in selected screenings from BFI. Stateside, you can always just stream the 1980 horror classic whenever the mood strikes, as well as its fascinating 2013 companion documentary, Room 237.