‘The Simpsons’ Predicted ‘Game of Thrones’ Daenerys Dragon Rampage in 2017


Fox/The Simpsons video still

Eventually, The Simpsons predicts everything. It’s our modern Nostradamus in the form of bug-eyed yellow cartoon characters. 

The show famously predicted Donald Trump’s bid for the presidency down to his descending an escalator to make the announcement. More recently someone recalled that in 2017, a Game of Thrones parody episode predicted Daenerys Targaryen’s laying waste to King’s Landing with her remaining “child,” Drogon.


The visual from the episode titled “The Serfsons” says it all. Marge, Homer, Lisa, and Bart stand on a hill watching a dragon roast a village.

Bart says, “Look, the dragon is burning our village.”

“I love our town,” says Homer.

The Simpsons predicting the future is a thing. The show has—in addition to the notable Trump prediction—also forecast the following:

  • The creation of smartwatches. To be fair, super tricked-out watches are a longtime cartoon trope in general.
  • Disney owning Fox.
  • Facetime. An episode that aired in 1995 featured a phone with Facetime-like video chat.
  • An Ebola outbreak in the U.S.
  • MIT prof Bengt Holmström won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2016. Simpsons character Milhouse had Holmström in a Nobel betting pool in 2010.

That’s just a small selection.

Whatever happens in the final Game of Thrones on Sunday, May 19, it’s an easy bet that someone will be checking past Simpsons episodes for yet another psychic moment.

Thrones airs at 9 p.m. ET Sunday.