This Guy Thought He Could Cheat On His Ex in ‘The Sims,” But It Came Back to Haunt Him

‘Haunt’ in the most literal sense of the word.

The Sims is great for a weekend of recreating everyone you know, locking them in a house together, and then making them wet themselves, hate each other, and burn the whole place down. It’s also fun for trying to recreate some semblance of real life, too. Like cheating on your IRL boyfriend with the ghost of your dead Sims neighbor and feeling absolutely no remorse about it. 

Tumblr user v171 recounted the tale of the time he wanted to date his in-game neighbor in The Sims rather than his real boyfriend and how it ended in tragedy, or the neighbor man’s ghost hanging around the property. After presumably setting the neighbor on fire in the house where v171 and Mike would get together, the neighbor character died and began haunting the home:

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“Being a sim the died in a fire, his ghost had certain abilities specific to his death (setting fires). He got pissed because I kissed Mike so he set my couch on fire that ended up barricading us in the bedroom. Now I couldn’t find the fire alarm in buy mode and I hadn’t had the foresight to predict my spiteful ghost died-in-a-fire ex boyfriend would be an afterlife arsonist to care about it that much so a lot of the house had burned by the time I could get the FD there.”

Things couldn’t ever go back to the way they were, of course, and v171 knew it was time to end it:

“I approached the grave. It was time to release him. He was waiting for me. He knew this was the end. That after this, there was no coming back from the afterlife. I know he tried to kill me, and he knows I got his daughter deleted, but at that moment, it was just like old times. Telling each other jokes 27 times in a row until he would have sex with me. We had a final ghostly embrace and he was gone. I sold his tombstone for 300 bucks and bought a microwave.”

Pour one out for our dead neighbor homie and his restless soul, watching his one true love in The Sims making out with another dude. Hopefully he’s at peace now. Perhaps this is the end of the haunting for v171, but knowing The Sims, it’s probably just the tip of the iceberg. 

Read the full account over at Tumblr here.