‘The Warriors’ Set to Return as a Hulu Series

Will viewers come out to play?

The Warriors is a textbook cult classic. Somehow, a movie about street gangs battling across New York boroughs—even though hated by critics—became a pop culture icon that has inspired games and comics. Last year, fans even had the original cast reunite on Coney Island with a day-long festival, celebrating the underdog film’s impact on cinema.

So naturally, the Russo brothers announced that they would be re-imagining the film as a Hulu series. While no director has been announced yet, there will surely be a big name announced in the upcoming months for such a big project.

Specifics on how the film will translate to a 2016 market haven’t been revealed, but maybe we’ll get to see a gang of Williamsburg hipsters who get their weapons from Whole Foods as a faction in a modern version.

If anybody can make this crazy idea work, it’s the minds behind some of the best episodes of the hilarious and way ahead of its time Arrested Development, as well as this year’s incredible Captain America: Civil War.

h/t Deadline