Theotis Beasley’s Five Secrets to Skating

The nicest guy in skateboarding gave us some advice on travel, dealing with cops and hanging with Lil Wayne.

The nicest guy in skateboarding gave us some advice on travel, dealing with cops and hanging with Lil Wayne.

Search for the nicest guy in skateboarding, and it’s likely you’ll be seeing Theotis Beasley’s name or picture pop up somewhere. We sat down with the (literally) goofy-stanced skater to get some advice on skating around the world.

Theotis Beasley’s Secret Tip #1

When you’re skating at a spot, and someone notices that the cops are coming, put your camera equipment away. Do that as quickly as possible.

Secret Tip #2

Don’t tell your friends what you put in your videos. Just make them wait and see.

Secret Tip #3

You need to be able to kick the board out from under you when you mess up a trick so you don’t break your arm from falling on it.

Secret Tip #4

Look out for cars. That’s really important.

Secret Tip #5

Don’t stress. Less stress makes it easy.

China: A Skater’s Paradise

There’s marble everywhere, so you take off by yourself, and it’s so smooth. And the cops don’t kick you out of places! Also, the people over there come over and help you up when you fall. Crowds of people would watch me when I was just skating around there for fun.But I’ve always wanted to go to Brazil– they’ve got all those cute girls out there, great skating spots, and delicious food.

Skating With Weezy

It’s kind of cool that he’s so into skateboarding. He had a documentary and in it, he says why he skates– I don’t remember what he said, but it was really important. He’s a good dude. When he came in for the shoot, he knew who I was, and that got everyone hyped up. We all got to hang out on his tour bus. It was tight.

Skaters and Girls

A lot of girls find skating cute. I don’t know why. I wanna ask why they think it’s so cute– they’ll say things like, “Your board is so cute!” And girls love Ryan Sheckler. Also, there are a lot of girl skaters that are really good. But when they fall I’m like “Ah, don’t fuck up your titties!” I’ve got a lot of skater homegirls at the X Games and they’re really good.

Ask Theo

Signature Skate Drink: Water and Beer

Hardest Trick: Backside, 360 kickflip. “Sometimes I can do it. Sometimes I can’t.”

Skater Soundtrack: Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Wale, Two Chains

You can catch Theotis on Dew Tour in San Francisco October 18th through the 21st and live on NBC. Keep up with him on, and on Twitter @TheotisB.